Posted on Mar 18, 2009
Posted in Babies

This is Miss A, who has been featured on our blog before (this was her 3rd session with us and she’s not even 1 yet!). They decided to capture her 1st year with 4 sessions instead of our normal 3, so we get to see this fun family a lot, which is fine by me! 🙂 This was A’s 9-month session, right before Christmas (yep, we’re still catching up on blog posts from that long ago…I think we might make it into January’s sessions soon!). The really sad thing is that they’re already coming next month for her 1-year portraits, and it seems like yesterday that she was here for the very first time. I know I’ve said it before, but I love the time we get to spend getting to know families over a baby’s first year, and I always get so sad when the year is almost over! I know we’ll see them again, but just not quite as often. That’s why I’m always so excited when one of our families has another baby…another year we get to spend together! 🙂 Hint, hint….