Posted on Jul 21, 2009
Posted in Relationships

Back before everything got really hot and turned brown in Sac-town, we visited the beautiful Wokas home for their family portrait session. We first met the Wokas’ when little R was only a baby, and now he’s heading toward the big 2. What started out as a fun client relationship has since turned into a friendship that we feel so fortunate to have found. In fact, Ann now helps us out with PR and marketing (she’s the one who played a major role in our Sutter Roseville hospital exhibit!). We were so excited when they wanted to do this session at their home, because they seriously have the most amazing setting for family, fun and entertainment EVER. A lot of the images were taken just off their property…it borders up to nature preserves on almost all sides. A key player in their session was their dog, Mocha. He was their first baby and it was very important to them that Mocha be a part of their new family portrait. Despite almost all of us going into full blown allergy attacks after wading around in the weeds…I mean fields full of wildflowers…:-), it was an awesome time that produced some fun family images that we think capture the fun and personality of this lovely family.