Posted on Feb 18, 2011
Posted in Kids, Relationships

When we first spoke with the Waterbury’s and learned they wanted their family to be photographed in a rice field, we were so intrigued!  It turns out they are rice farmers and this wide expanse of land is all theirs, and it was close to harvest time.  Their idea was to schedule the portrait session in early fall, right before the harvest.  We were so excited and thankful that they had a couple of spots in mind, because our heads were spinning with the overwhelming options.  Laura did such a great job planning their clothing, as she had one set of clothes to be photographed with one look, by their neighbors totally awesome barn, and then another set of clothes for the rice field images (little S’s great dress was from the Silver Spoon).  It was so special watching the kids run around free on their land, something so few children today can experience.  Capturing the relationships of a family is always important, but documenting this time in their life on their farm, that they plant and harvest, which defines so much about their lives, was amazing and truly an honor for us.  Thank you so much to the Waterbury’s for sharing their ideas, land, and precious children with us for a few hours.  (it should also be noted that very soon after these photographs were taken, brother decided to give little sis a haircut…:-).