Posted on Jun 25, 2009
Posted in Personal

Teagan decided last winter that she wanted to quit gymnastics for a while and try out tap and ballet dancing. After almost 6 months in her new class, she just had her first official recital this week. I will be totally honest–she was not what one would call passionate about this hobby. I would hear the other moms talk about how their little girls would go home from class and want to tap everywhere, all the time. Well, Teagan came home and never once did a dance move….not one! As her performance drew closer, I had my concerns about what she would do during her performance, if anything. I just had to hope that putting on her poodle skirt costume and being with all the other girls would excite her at least a little. Thankfully she loved her costume when she put it on, so there was at least that if nothing else. I dropped her off at the side door ready to go, her hair done to my best abilities for how short it is. I apologized to her teacher for not getting it into a bun as instructed; she said “don’t worry, I’ll fix it right now.” So I think to myself, “knock yourself out!”

Fast forward to us sitting front row and her whole group entering the stage and beginning their dance. We had no idea where Teagan was. I was so distraught I was almost in tears. I just knew she had either chickened out at the last minute and refused to come out, or that she was so exhausted that she had fallen asleep in the “holding room” and they didn’t wake her up. I couldn’t believe that we went through all of this for her not to appear in the show. I continued scanning the girls and about halfway through the routine, finally discovered Teagan in the line-up. Her teacher had made sure all of their hair was completely slicked back, including bangs. I had never seen T without bangs, so none of us recognized her! I was relieved she was there and bummed I had missed seeing half of her dance! Truth be told, I don’t think I missed much. She tried, but was clearly nervous and not too sure of what came next. Who cared at that point? At least we found her, and I was quickly reminded of why she has bangs! Here are a few snaps James took after the performance–she was super excited because we were taking her to Big Spoon to celebrate. Dance class is now over…back to gymnastics with big sis next week!