Posted on Aug 13, 2009
Posted in Relationships

Miss S came to visit us for a second time, and we were thrilled to say the least. We met the Quick family last year at our Portraits at the Ponds event at the Silver Spoon children’s boutique, and later learned that mom works at our CPA’s office–what a small world! Anyhow, they brought Miss S a year older, and even cuter! Dad met mom at the studio for their session, and he was in charge of bringing all of S’s clothing mom had laid out. I bet you can see where this one is going! Yep, dear old dad left all of her clothes at home! Not to worry…this is what I was made for! I knew there was a reason I keep loads of cute stuff on hand at the studio…..just in case. In the end, the clothing didn’t even matter….okay, maybe the turquoise tutu mattered, but it was really all about S’s sweet personality and precious moments to be captured with mom and dad. ~Stefani

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