Posted on Feb 18, 2008
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..were some of the highlights of our 7th wedding anniversary. Dinner was lovely.

While we were waiting for our scrumptous meal, Stef asked what my highlight was in our marriage thus far.

Honey, you’ve got to give me more notice for a question like that and preferrably asked BEFORE two glasses of wine. (Note to all you married men: Have answers to questions like these already thought out and committed to memory)

While I was himming and hawing, Stef blurted out her answer (no fair, it was her question and clearly she had been thinking of it all day) and then tried to help me with mine.

Stef: “Was it…the birth of Reilly?”

Me: “…why yes, that was it…yes, the birth of our first daughter!”

I felt like the kid in Christmas Story who finally made it to Santa Claus and choked when asked what he wanted for Christmas.

Well there are many candidates for the answer to this question but we don’t have enough blog space to list them. So after careful thought it occured to me. There is no singular event that stands out or that I can isolate, which brings me back to the beginning. Actually, seven years ago today, the 18th, is probably the highlight for what it represented. Our first new day as a married couple.

Hightlights? Yes there are many, and there will be many more, but as for today, Stef, you are the highlight of my LIFE…everything else is a bonus! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!