Posted on Jul 13, 2008
Posted in Relationships

The Newman family, like so many, had not had a family portrait made in many years. Mom, L, called and wanted to have this important time documented, as her son T was getting ready to head off to the Naval Academy in Maryland after graduating from Woodcreek High this year. It’s always so entertaining when we get a group like this that mom clearly dragged here to be photographed. Now don’t be mislead, no one actually said that they weren’t thrilled about being photographed (okay, maybe dad, M, did!). That being said, we had a great time getting to know the Newman’s and the best compliment I’ve heard in a while came second hand from L when she came to pick up her portraits; she told me that M actually said he had fun and was wondering when they were going to do it again! Now that was pretty amazing considering I thought he might need an IV containing something other than clear fluids when they left after completing their order!