Posted on Sep 03, 2010
Posted in Relationships

Meet the Mitchell’s, one of our favorite Sac-town families that came all the way to San Diego for our beach sessions!  I was so excited the day I got the call from Katie telling me they were going to plan a trip to San Diego around the dates of our sessions. Now, I’ve mentioned before that the weather wasn’t exactly ideal for these sessions; it was windy and pretty chilly, especially considering everyone was dressed for summer!  Having been there and freezing myself, I just have to recognize what troopers everyone was during their sessions, and especially Katie.  By the end of their session, James noticed that her lips were turning blue, but not once did she complain or mention being cold.  Now that’s what I call commitment to getting the perfect family portrait!  (and I just have to mention their awesome clothing choices….the girls’ dresses were a home run, thanks to the Silver Spoon!)