Posted on Oct 19, 2008
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It was high time the Hays family took some needed time off, and with my 20 year high school reunion in San Diego, Stef and I decided to stay a few more days and take the girls to Disneyland.

Good move. They just loved it. We were a little nervous after our last experience how the girls would do. Last time, Reilly refused to go on any of those ‘scary’ Fantastyland rides or anything like them so we were relagated to the carousel and Dumbo.

This time was much better and she was much more daring. Teagan of course was game for everything. The park was all dudded up for Halloween and New Orleans Square looked delightfully spooky. A great time, but not enough of it.

Next time we’re staying a week!!

No teacups for me. Hmm….I’m getting sick just looking at this photo…

Hightlight of day 2 for the girls. Come all the way to Disney…and get their faces painted.

This was the low spot. Hot, tired, and not interested in waiting in line.

A petting zoo at Disneyland??? I don’t remember that.

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