Posted on Sep 03, 2014
Posted in Relationships

Where do I even begin about the Knebel family?  The circumstances which prompted their interest in having family portraits made, as soon as possible, are still so sad for me to think about.  Elizabeth’s mom had very suddenly and unexpectedly passed away, leaving them devastated and realizing how very precious every moment of life really is.  It takes an effort to have family portraits made, and we all have a million reasons why we will wait until next month, next year, or maybe never–too busy, too complicated, too much weight still to lose, and the list goes on.  The Knebel’s realized all too abruptly that the time was now, which is what brought them to us.  From the moment we met them, it wasn’t about being sad at what they had lost, but rather embrace and celebrate what they have in their beautiful, fun-loving family.  What a great lesson to be learned, on so many levels.  Since their family portrait session, I feel fortunate to say that I consider this family not just clients, but friends.  Please meet the hilariously funny, loving,  and very real Knebel’s!

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