Posted on Jul 06, 2010
Posted in Seniors

Meet Kayla – class of 2010.  Seems odd to be blogging 2010 seniors when we are photographing 2011’s now, but well, I’m a little behind in the blog dept.

As you can see, Kayla had some pretty specific ideas for her senior session, some of which involved water…lots of it.  So off to the river we went.  Walking around this area kind of had me feeling like we were on the set of Lost.  Kayla got right into the role as we wandered through the rainforest.  It was a perfect day and the temperature was just right…until we encountered the river.  Let’s just say that I was more than impressed with Kayla’s willingness to jump right in to the (very) cold water and wade around like it was a warm bath.  Fantastic job Kayla.