Posted on Aug 20, 2009
Posted in Babies

We met the Hansen family for the first time last December at the Red Chair-ity Event at the Silver Spoon boutique; since then, it’s been nothing but great times every chance we get to see them. T’s big sis, Miss E, was one of our Cutest Kid Model Search participants last winter, and we saw Mr. T for his 2nd Bebe session a short bit ago. Mom brought him alone this time, and he was so good during his session that I missed almost the whole thing when I ran out just to pick Reilly up from gymnastics! It was a good thing that we captured his awesome hair-do here, b/c days later they buzzed it off thinking he was coming down with chicken-pox (ended up being a false alarm….but the new “do” was there anyway!). Love this sweet boy….love his wonderful family!