Posted on Oct 23, 2012

We thought we’d whet your appetite a bit for the big Costumes & Cans post still to come with a few of our own girls.  We get so busy with our Costumes & Cans charity event each year at this time that getting our own kids into the studio in their costumes is a bit of a challenge (code for–we didn’t even get them in the studio in their costumes last year!).  I was feeling pretty guilty and decided we could squeeze it in today between school, homework, and Teagan’s guitar lesson.  The girls were excited to get in full costume with hair and makeup (which may not even happen to this extent on Halloween since Reilly will be at gymnastics until at least 6:30pm!).  Our 10-year old, Reilly, chose a gypsy/fortune teller costume and Teagan chose a flapper costume, even though she has no idea what a flapper is! (the power of sequins and feathers for a 7 year-old!).  Teagan was so impressed with herself that she requested to be on next year’s promo piece for our Costumes & Cans event!  Here are a few favorites…they each chose their full-body individual images here–we are getting a taste of how picky girls can be about themselves in portraits!  Happy Halloween!!

  • Heather Zander

    Wow, they both look so grown up! Amazing costumes and amazing photographs! Thanks for sharing these!

  • The girls look so cute!! Tell Reilly to smile more.. I love the ones where she is smiling. And Miss T, what can I say? she’s growing up way too fast. Love you guys, mom