Posted on Mar 18, 2010

Meet Haley, Granite Bay High 2010.  I’ll never forget Haley’s senior portrait consultation.  As I recall, she and her mom showed up well, empty handed.   We always ask for a variety of clothes for this consultation and we have seen everything from duffle bags, to clothing racks, even grocery bags full of clothing…but nothing?  So we spent the time chatting about different looks, and what Haley had in mind for her senior portraits…and laughed a lot.

p.s.  Haley is a hoot.

So is her mom.

Put them in a room together and the place cracks up.

We got the details nailed down and off they went.  About an hour later Haley’s mom called just to say she was all over it and was totally going shopping for some new duds. “We’re excited and we will definitely be ready!”

The day of the session, Haley arrived with all kinds of cool stuff as promised, and those red shoes…  We had a great time out and about and Haley looked wonderful.  Here are some of my faves.

_MG_7458flatcrop copy

_MG_7474flat copy_2

_MG_7497flatcrop copy

_MG_7544flatcrop copy

IMG_7156 5x7 copy