Posted on Nov 12, 2008
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One of the unfortunate side effects of being really busy is that from time to time, certain academic activities for the girls get well…forgotten. Fortunately, Reilly is wonderful about reminding me of these projects with plenty of time…yeah right.

“Dad, you haven’t started decorating my turkey”

“No problem sweetie, when is it due?”



Now, I was in between sessions, and with a full plate that evening, it was now or never. I had about an hour.

Hmmm…Colored pens? Not enough time. Painting? No time for cleanup. Cotton balls and paper cutouts? No way.

(bell sound) “Reilly, grab the glue stick, we are going outside!”

Ten minutes later and a couple handfulls of leaves & we were in business. I ran the gluestick, Reilly worked the leaves. Total time invested-about 40 minutes. And hey, it didn’t look half bad!

We even had time to eat a hard boiled egg…not from a turkey.