Posted on Jul 05, 2009
Posted in Kids

Mr. S and big sis came to see us for his Bebe graduation session not too long ago, and we thought their outfits were appropriate for an almost 4th-of-July post here! S was one of the most beautiful babies I’ve seen, and he has grown into an even more stunning toddler. His shock of curls and amazing blue eyes are just out-of-this-world! It’s funny to look back at his newborn images, because his hair stuck straight up, almost in a mohawk-looking arrangement. As fun as it is to watch them grow over their first year, it’s been just as satisfying to see how much big sis has matured as well. She has become quite the little lady and didn’t mind being photographed at all (which wasn’t always the case!). We just love the Felahy’s and their kids! I should also mention that dad is Dr. Felahy, a wonderful family dentist in Rocklin (Sunset Oak Dental). He gave Reilly her first filling a few months ago, and he was great with her. She didn’t even realize that she had gotten a shot of novacaine he was so good!


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