Posted on Jun 16, 2008
Posted in Kids

Miss E was another one of our “Little Angels”, and did she ever live up to that! From her gorgeous soft curls to her sweet, shy disposition, E seemed to enjoy her moment in the spotlight. As much as mom loved the portraits, they became even more important when Miss E fell and lost her two front teeth the day after mom saw the images for the first time. These were the last photographs they’ll have for several years (she’s only 4) with her 2 front teeth!

This angel was especially fun for me (Stef) because I’ve known her mom since we were younger than Miss E. Our families used to go camping (motor homes, not tents!) together for years; boating during the summer at Lake Shasta, motorcycle riding in the dirt (or mud) during the cooler seasons. It’s crazy to me because I still think of Kerry and me as 7 years old playing crazy-eights in front of the motor home in our bathing suits! Not sure why we aren’t still doing that…..:-)