Posted on Jan 17, 2010
Posted in Seniors

Meet Cat, Bella Vista class of 2010.  Cat arrived to her consultation just about every cool outfit available.  Boots, scarves, necklaces, dresses and oh yeah…a black guitar.  So again, off to the woods we went to chase some light.  It was a perfect day and as you can see, Cat did great.  About halfway through the session, she suggested climbing a tree for a few shots.  I wasn’t overly eager for this as my last tree experience ended with me falling out of it and a nasty scrape on my knee. (I was trying to show a senior how to get up in it)  Cat seemed pretty confident in her climbing skills so we went for it.  Glad we did as they were some of my favorite images of the day.  Thanks Cat for all your efforts!IMG_2747flat copy_2 IMG_2325flatcrop copy_2 IMG_2531 7x5 copy_2 IMG_2505 5x7 copy_2 IMG_2563flat copy_2 IMG_2794 5x7 IMG_2701fjlat copy