Posted on Jun 06, 2008
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It’s the end of the school year for Reilly, and the Spartans finished with a bang at their annual carnival. The staff and volunteers did a fantastic job (as usual!) setting up booths with food and games. Reilly and Teagan had a great time with their friends eating yummies, getting faces painted, and receiving balloon “swords”.

I discovered the competitive nature of Reilly and her distaste for losing when I noticed some tears running down her cheeks after the bean bag toss.

“Reilly, what’s wrong? Did you fall? Are you hurt? Was some BOY mean to you?”

“No…It’s just that…sniff…I didn’t even get ONE beanbag in the hole!!” sniff, sniff…

Couldn’t help it, I chuckled a little. She wouldn’t look at me after that…(photo below) but it was kinda funny…

One face paint booth later and all was forgotten.

Thank you Mrs. Anderson for doing such a wonderful job with Reilly and her classmates, we will miss you next year. Go Spartans!!

The girls trying their luck at the bean bag toss.

Reilly lost miserably, and was not amused.


Teagan! That is not your pool!!!

Hey Reilly, nice…eh…balloon…

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