Posted on Sep 19, 2009
Posted in Relationships

Meet the Brown family…Noel and I met when our oldest girls were just babies and she and I were in MOPS together. We immediately hit it off and started our friendship with a bang, and of course then pulled our hubbys into the mix. We credit the Brown’s with much encouragement and inspiration when we were first starting our business, six years ago. Noel was our biggest fan and cheerleader, and we wouldn’t be where we are without them! You might recall a somewhat “famous” image that we’ve showcased for a LONG time….naked buns-baby standing in between mom’s legs holding her hands…well, that just happens to be Noel and her oldest daughter. Fast forward almost six years, and we ended up on the beach in La Jolla with the Browns and their brood, which has now grown to three beautiful daughters. It just so happened that our July vacation to San Diego overlapped with theirs, so Noel thought it would be the perfect chance to get those beach portraits she always wanted. We found an ideal little spot at Shell Beach in La Jolla (ideal if you don’t count all the people who were there that busy Sunday, including another photographer trying to politely share the small space with us!). We had the best time out there with them and just loved the images that resulted. So did they…so much in fact that they have begun an entire room re-decoration, including new paint and a flat-screen tv for Dan, all inspired by the new artwork they’ll be hanging on their walls!