Posted on Apr 02, 2008
Posted in Kids

This is Mr. D, who recently “graduated” from his Bebe Collection (1st year program). It’s unbelievable how fast a baby’s 1st year goes by and how much they change; being a part of this most important 1st year is my absolute favorite part of what we do. D came for his first session around 3 months, and he looked so dashing even then! He never really had a “baby face,” but rather the face of a handsome young man. D’s family is one that we’ve grown to love (my other absolute favorite part of what we do!); we first met them when they brought big sis, Miss O, almost 2 years ago. She’s got quite the famous face, which has been our business cards for some time now. Working with this family has been the best…thanks for bringing your beautiful kiddos to us!