Posted on Nov 08, 2009
Posted in Seniors

It’s not very often we get a call from a senior inquiring about a session including exotic birds, and when we met Alexia and her mom, we knew we were in for something special. Alexia’s family produces exotic bird shows around the world (Friends of a Feather), and it was important for her to incorporate the birds in some of her images. We talked about the look at the consultation and how we would capture the look we were after and hoped Alexia’s feathered friends would cooperate.

The day of the session came and when the birds arrived I was a little…intimidated. I am certain Athena (the owl) had the best intentions but I had never encounted an owl at this close range, and she..well…just kept staring at me.

“OK, calm down. The owl is not going to get you”, I told myself. A few minutes later, everything was fine, Athena was coaxed into perching on Alexia’s arm, and we got some really, really incredible images.

Thank you Stephanie, and Joe for the opportunity to meet your wonderful family, and for trusting our vision on this incredible session. And thank you Alexia for your fearlessness and adventurous spirit in front the lens.

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  • O.  M.  G.  

    These are spectacular.  I LOVE the one with the owl – you would never know that you secretly pooped your pants while clicking the shutter.  A true professional!  Every shoot you do is better than the last!!

  • Wow. That last shot is absolutely stunning. I love the contrast between the shining earring and the dark background. Your work is phenomenal.

  • Great images and very beautiful girl. The last picture is my favorite – amazing profil. Keep up the good work. Natascha

  • These are absolutely amazing, that owl is AWESOME!