Posted on Mar 01, 2011

Thought we would share a few photographs from our trip to Orlando.  First stop was the World of Harry Potter.  This small area of Universal Studios gives the best parts of Disneyland a run for the money.  Every attention to detail was just incredible.  There were lots of things to do, but highest on the list for the girls was a trip to Ollivander’s (for a magic wand), and a tall glass of Butterbeer (Reilly managed two glasses).  Low on the list was the food….Hogwarts tavern was without question the worst food I have ever eaten served at a restaurant.  Check out Miss T’s face at the table below…that sums it up.  We of course went lots of other places at Universal, but this area just caught my eye.  Here are some favorites from the day.

  • Love the pictures from Hogwarts. We may be planning a family trip there. My kids read all the books and are a bit older, but thought a trip there while it is new would be fun. Your blog is such an inspiration! I’m off to explore your website and more. Beatiful portraits here! Thanks for sharing your visions. 🙂
    Tina Feten

  • Great pictures Dude! Looks like fun times for everyone!!

  • Amanda Maxwell

    Just Beautiful Photos LOVE all of them