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Posted on Jul 06, 2012

Happy 4th of July! (sorry it’s a bit late–we were in San Diego visiting family for the past week+).  For those of you who have followed our blog for a period of time will recognize this family–we’ve been photographing them for 4 years now–and it never gets old!  We’ve ventured from Napa to Tahoe with this family, and for their last family session decided to stay in our neck of the woods.  This family session also doubled as Miss V’s last Bebe session, and she was in fine form!  On a side note, in case you’re ever wondering how to do light-colored clothing well for a family session, it doesn’t get any better than this!  We were a bit nervous about the 4 kids near water in their nice clothes, but somehow we all managed to keep them at bay with just throwing rocks into the water.  Thanks again (and again!) to the Ferrell family for entrusting us to capture these precious moments in your family!

Posted on May 20, 2012

It’s that time again!  We’re thrilled to announce our 4th annual Mommy & Me Portraits for the Cure event.  This is an opportunity for all the moms out there who are often behind the camera to finally get a great portrait of themselves with their kids, all while donating to a wonderful cause.  We will be photographing on the background shown here, so please plan clothing accordingly (the background is lighter with pale pinks and greens).  Our biggest rule of thumb when it comes to clothing choices is to make sure you aren’t mixing lights and darks too much.  We will have prints ready in time for Father’s Day–hint, hint!  Hope to see you there!

Posted on May 02, 2012

Where to start with the Thumser family?? 🙂  We first met little miss K when she was only a few months old at our Vintage Valentine event last year.  We were so thrilled when the family decided to come back for family portraits some months after that.  So no beating around the bush here–Miss K’s wardrobe and accessories were amazing!  When mom showed up and started pulling out things covered in tulle, lace, and feathers, our hearts skipped a beat.  The best part was that she left her headpieces on long enough to get the shot!  Such a happy little girl-clearly a reflection of her happy, adoring mom and dad.  We had the best time with the Thumser family and can’t wait to see what fashion trends little K starts in the future!

Posted on Apr 13, 2012

We are back!  Sorry we’ve been offline for a bit, updating some behind the scenes stuff on the blog.  So happy to be back here sharing the wonderful people we are privileged to work with.  The Cameto family holds a soft spot in our hearts, as we have been through the journey of two maternity sessions, their first baby’s first year and beyond, and now baby sister’s first year is underway.  Since we did their first maternity session in the studio, we all decided to go for something different and venture outside.  It was gorgeous and as always, the wardrobe was perfect! (way to go Sarah!)  This session also doubled as young G’s three-year portraits.  As all sessions seem to be with this family, it was simply magical.  Fast forward a short bit and we were thrilled to meet the newest Cameto, Miss G!  Her newborn session was not too long before Christmas, so it was only appropriate that a few “seasonal” shots were captured, which worked perfectly for their birth announcement/holiday card.  It’s hard to believe that very soon we’ll be seeing baby G for her next Bebe session–can’t wait, as I’m sure it will be fantastic!  Meet the lovely Cameto family–again:

Posted on Jan 13, 2012

When the Krisa’s called and told us they had a new baby boy they wanted us to photograph, we were thrilled.  We first met mom and little miss K several years ago at our very first Vintage Valentine event.  Then when I changed to a new family doctor, Shannon happened to be the PA there.  We were clearly destined to know each other somehow!  So, you can see why we were so excited to learn we’d get to photograph the newest addition to their family, Mr. B.  B was teeny-tiny when he was born, so mom wanted to wait until he had a little meat on him to do portraits.  He was such a cute age, smiling and even sleeping for us!  We’re excited that he’s part of our Bebe Collection and that we’ll see him again soon!  Meet the Krisa family:

Posted on Jan 02, 2012

Just when you think the holidays are over–it’s time for Valentine fun!  Once again we’re offering our exclusive Vintage Valentine mini-sessions, complete with custom made tutus, angel wings & headpieces.  This year we’ve added a new vintage look, showcasing the blacks, reds & creams along with our traditional pinks and browns.  The new wardrobe and accessory options we’ve added this year give us the largest selection of styles and sizes yet!  Our wardrobe for girls is still a bit more expansive than for the boys (sorry boys!), but we have added some various sized vests, caps & a few shirts for the boys this year.  Please inquire for sizing availability for your individual cherubs.  We will also be offering gorgeous custom Valentine cards, along with newly designed offerings to showcase your timeless portraits.  These sessions will fill quickly, so please be sure to call early to reserve your date/time.

Posted on Jan 01, 2012

Happy New Year!  We hope this finds you filled with plenty of good cheer, good company, and good food after the holidays.  We were fortunate to have all of these things this year (maybe a little too much of the good food…) and look forward to what 2012 has in store. We’re hoping it brings more wonderful people into our lives like the Booth’s, featured here.  We’ve combined the Booth maternity and newborn session here, which is fun to see the progression all at one time.  Mama K was fun and ready for anything, and J, like any good new father-to-be, was willing to do whatever his beautiful bride wanted. 🙂  Their openness made for beautiful images for sure.  Enter Baby B a bit later–what an absolute angel boy!  He was super alert and content for such a new baby–we were fortunate to really see his big alert eyes; at this age most babies are either sleeping or crying…:-)  J & K were beaming new parents, as well they should be, and we especially loved the image with Baby B nestled in on mom’s chest.  Pure, sweet, priceless…

Can’t wait to see them again soon for B’s next session–we can only imagine how fun he’s going to be this time around!  Meet the Booth family:

Posted on Aug 18, 2011

Meet V…he’s as sweet as his hair is red!  We’ve been photographing the Posey family since big sister was this age, and then again when big brother T came along.  It’s so fun getting to see 3 children from one family at exactly the same age, because the resemblance is uncanny in some ways (not the red hair, though!  V is unique in that regard!).  The Posey’s are one of those families that no matter how much time passes since we’ve seen them, we seem to pick up right where we left off.  It’s been such a treat to be able to watch their 3 kids grow and change over the years, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for all of them!

Posted on Aug 11, 2011

How quickly Miss S’s first year seemed to go by!  By her one-year session with us, she had turned into quite the little lady.  As usual, mom brought a dizzying assortment of amazing wardrobe options and hair accessories.  Miss S often had her own ideas about where the hair accessories should be (hint:  it was not usually on her head!).  Let me put it this way–S’s personality is even larger than her wardrobe! 🙂  We had so much fun with her, all of her outfits, and of course, mom.  I’m sure these latest images will melt your heart as much as she did ours.  Thanks to S’s mommy for sharing her first year with us!

Posted on Aug 01, 2011
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We started documenting Miss K when she was still in mama’s tummy…fast-forward to her second Bebe session (my favorite age!!).  Kudos to mom for all of the darling outfits and hair accessories, but K would have been adorable regardless; her million different expressions were accessory enough! 🙂  While K was awesome in the studio, it was a pretty cold & windy day outside, and she was pretty much over it by the time we ventured outdoors.  We have to give a big thank you to K’s grandpa for saving the day outside and getting those last few amazing expressions!  Meet Miss K (again…):