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Posted on Oct 04, 2008
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We first met the Youmans family over a year ago when they came as part of a benefit we were raising money for. Little miss B charmed us at the young age of 22 months then. Fast forward a year and here we are with Miss B turning three and a new little brother to show off. B stole the show once again with her adorable personality and beautiful smile. We could have photographed her all day long!

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Posted on Oct 04, 2008
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We had the pleasure of meeting and photographing the Vittek family, thanks to the Felahy family who referred them. I knew this would be a very meaningful session for everyone involved when mom Lisa explained to me that 3 year-old K has a very serious form of muscular dystrophy and has repeatedly been defying odds since she was born. The first thing that struck us about Miss K was how tall she is! Then, and more poignantly, her sweet disposition is what stood out. Her interaction with her parents was so genuine and fun. Lisa wanted to capture just how lively and smart K really is, and I think her portraits tell that story so well. Thanks for sharing your precious miracle with us!

Posted on Oct 04, 2008
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We first met the Klein family over two years ago when Miss A was just a newborn. Well, she’s two now and not the only baby in this family anymore! They came to capture their last moments as family of three and perhaps catch a few of A as a feisty two-year old. We won’t spoil the surprise as to the new baby Klein, as we’ve already had them back for the newborn portraits; you’ll just have to stay tuned!

Posted on Oct 04, 2008
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It was red day at Teagan’s preschool, red hats, red plates, and red clothes…although someone forgot to tell me that last part. I was the only dad in the classroom not wearing red. I felt kind of like the kid in the mushpot…

Anyway, that didn’t seem to bother miss T from having fun. Nor did it stop her from eating…and eating…and…

Posted on Sep 04, 2008
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Believe it or not, it’s already that time of year! Our 2008 limited edition holiday card designs are now available. These beautiful 5×7 cards can be used as a traditional folded greeting card or as a flat, double-sided modern “postcard” (coordinating designs available for the back of cards can be seen in studio). These lovely cards peronsalized to meet your taste are sure to make an impression! These designs, along with our classic image-only cards are available in three distinct finishes–art linen, fine art watercolor, and glossy UV-coated. Ordering your custom greeting cards early will make your holiday to-do list a little bit shorter!

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Posted on Aug 04, 2008
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Ah the little Gilly twins…

We have been photographing these two since before they could walk and we adore every visit. A couple of young beauties that always seem to know just what to do. It seems only yesterday we were making photographs of them rolling around in diapers and now Miss R looks like she is ready for ‘W’ magazine.

Brother J is looking dashing as well and has one of the best smiles on the planet. Thanks for the great time!

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Posted on Jul 04, 2008
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Happy Fourth everyone!

We got back today from a short get away to the city. Great weather, easy traffic, and good food always make a nice trip. Hope you all had a safe and sound holiday!

The view of the fireworks show from our driveway.

Posted on Jun 04, 2008
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What do a pool, a trampoline, a bunch of Italians, cake and some wrestling masks have in common?

An Awsome wedding! As many of you know, Stef and I are photographing a select number of weddings now and what a wonderful one this was. We couldn’t have asked for a more laid back and friendly group of people. Lindsey and Davide were an absolute pleasure to watch enjoying their day and we felt privileged to be a part of it.

Davide is from Sicily, (where they met) and brought many friends and family members across the Atlantic to witness this beautiful day. My Italian, a-not so good-a, but everyone understood fun!

Thank you to both families for letting us capture these moments and for making us feel so welcome throughout the day (and night!)

More coming soon…

Posted on May 04, 2008
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Usually with babies we experience a variety of moods during a session. Baby D here just had one…HAPPY! This little guy was all about enthusiasm, and was as happy & giggly as could be. Thanks to mom for helping coax these wonderful expressions. And thanks D for giving us such a good time!

Posted on Mar 04, 2008
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The wind blew us into IKEA for our semi-annual visit. Every now and then I get a hankering to pay homage to my Swedish roots. Sorry Gramps, breakfast at Ikea is about as far as I get.

It never ceases to amaze me how much fun the kids have here. Seriously…it’s ridiculous, you would think we were at Disneyland. Hey wait a minute… maybe I’m on to something. The employees even act like it’s Disneyland.

“Teagan, stop jumping on that bed!”

“It’s quite alright sir, that’s what they are there for”

While in line at breakfast, Miss T somehow knocked over the ENTIRE tray of oatmeal condiments (rasins, brown sugar and milk) sending them crashing to the floor, shards of glass and sugary mess everywhere. I do not exaggerate, their were two employees there before the last piece of glass came to rest. I couldn’t even get an apology out before one of them interrupted me.

“Darn those pesky bowls…they just get in the way don’t they?”

Teagan stood blank faced, somewhere between shock and tears.

“I do that all the time!” said the bright smiling Ikea castmember. “You guys better hurry up and sit down before your food gets cold…we’ll take care of this!”

Fourteen thank-you’s later, I took Stef and the girls to our table. On the way there, I glanced over my shoulder…no mess to be found. The whole thing was cleaned up and a new tray was on the counter…

Ok, maybe this IS Disneyland..

Reminds me of the last scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark!