Posted on Jan 20, 2009
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The San Diego Zoo. It had been a while since Stef and I took the girls here and Miss T didn’t really remember it at all. I expected much marvel and amazement from them as we walked about looking at the wild beasts. Not today.

Apparently the HD series “Planet Earth” the girls have been hooked on did its job a little too well.

“Yeah, I’ve seen those dad.” And off they went to climb on stuff….lots of stuff. I don’t remember having to tell them so many times to get off something. It was just silly.

They were acting like…animals. That’s it. Time to get out of there before this Lord of the Flies adventure gets any more serious. We made our way back to the entrance. Time for one last potty stop.

Thankfully they remembered how to do THAT like civilized children.

“Dad, when can we come back?”

I still haven’t answered that one.