Posted on Jun 01, 2013
Posted in Seniors

Meet Tiffany.  When Anna(mom) and Tiffany came to their design consultation, I knew they would be game for some lovely fun.  We decided to pair Tiffany’s wonderful wardrobe with images made in our studio and a location.  She was great about changing expressions, everything from whimsical & fragile, to elegant & romantic.  Thank you Tiffany and Anna for the fun day.  Here are some faves.

Untitled_Panorama2IMG_6916 KA5A9120flatIMG_6932 IMG_6972
KA5A9151 KA5A9187KA5A9281
KA5A9247 KA5A9248
KA5A9325 KA5A9339
KA5A9356 KA5A9360 KA5A9376
KA5A9448 KA5A9463 Site MeterKA5A9546