Posted on Apr 08, 2008
Posted in Kids

Both these lovely girls have been gracing our presence since they were wee little ones. Miss S.(older sis) was as full of spunk and sassiness as we could ask for, and was a hoot to chase around the neighborhood. Little sister A was all smiles and just loved strutting her stuff in her fancy duds.

Ray & Angie have had the girls here many times over the years, and each time they act more excited than the last. Their kids are their absolute pride and joy, and there is no mistaking it.

A great reward in what we do is watching families grow, and getting to know them each time they return. Something I’ve noticed about Ray & Angie is that when they are here, they act like they haven’t seen their kids for a month or more…really, it’s a hugfest every time! Seeing them is always a great reminder to me to treasure this valuble time in life…thanks to you both for that. Now, about them boots…


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