Posted on Jul 10, 2011
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The girls were in rare form and decided they wanted to have a “serious” photo shoot.  Stef and I had to drop everything to accommodate, but were glad we did.  We splashed on a little makeup, got some new clothing options, and voila!  They decided to be little models.  It had been a while since we have had them both in the studio and just reminded me how fast they are growing up 🙁

Here are some of our favorites. Reilly particularly enjoyed her magazine cover…

  • They are some great glamour shots. The cover one is super cute. You have some models in the making.

  • Just beautiful!!! Your girls are precious and you certainly did a nice job with some perfect portraits of them! Nice work, James.

  • Happy Birthday Reilly!!!!! Gorgeous! Was SO good to see you. Love and miss you guys so much!

  • They’re looking mighty cute son. Don’t let them grow up so fast!! Love you, mom

  • Dude, you post stuff like this and it reminds me how fast they’re growing up when I’m not around! They look great but darn it!!