Posted on Dec 16, 2008
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Teagan’s first Christmas show.

As I stood outside the auditorium doors with dozens of eager parents, I had one thought in mind. Get good seats.

We arrived plenty early so we could get nice and close. The doors opened and we- waitaminute…there were already a ton of people inside! Must have been two ways in. So, Stef and I did what any respectable parents would do.

We ran.

Short of knocking people over, we plowed our way through groups of frantic parents and secured seats in the.. 20th row.

20th row!!! This would not do. I said my farewells to Stef and embarked on a mission to get closer even if I had to sit alone. As I stood in the front of the auditorium desperately searching for a seat, something caught my eye. An open seat in the front row, dead center.

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?”

“Nope, it’s all yours.”

I spent the next few minutes in my best Rocky Balboa pose, arms in the air. Ok, time to get ready, the show’s about to begin. I unpacked the camera equipment and all the other gadgets and was good to go. Lights go down and out come the kiddies.

As they took the stage it became quite clear to me why this choice seat I was in had been available. I couldn’t see. The sound equipment nearly covered my view of Teagan’s class.

No seats around me and nowhere to go, I sat there, helplessly hoping to get a view.

Well, I did manage to get a few photographs of our starlet, but after a short while I gave up on the effort and put the camera away. Now, with everything packed up there was nothing left to do…except enjoy the show!!! And I did.

Sometimes it’s best to just spend the time watching your kids be kids. Thank you to all the teachers and assistants who helped in the show, it was fantastic!!

Miss T warming up.

Hey Teagan, tell us how you really feel about the show!