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Posted on May 25, 2015

Abby’s had quite the variety of looks for her senior pictures. Here are some of my faves.sacramento senior pictures KA5A1966 5 untitled-4834 41 Site Meter44 el dorado hills senior pictures 15 roseville senior pictures untitled-2575 rocklin senior pictures 36 granite bay senior pictures untitled-2781

Posted on Feb 08, 2013
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It’s that time again!  We are looking for a select few energetic fans or our work to represent our studio for class of 2014 high school seniors.  Just fill out the information HERE and we will send you all the information about the benefits of our Spokesmodel program.  We will just have a few Spokesmodels per school so apply soon!

Posted on May 23, 2012

Meet Riley – class of 2012.  When she described her style as romantic, I knew this would be a great session.  Riley also spends quite a bit of time behind the camera so it was no surprise she was wonderful in front of it.  Hair, makeup & wardrobe and she just disappeared into each role as if acting scenes from a film.  Thanks for such a lovely experience and thanks for braving the chilly creek!  Some faves.

Posted on Feb 11, 2012
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Meet Chloe – class of 2012.  A dancer, and fearless in front of the lens…Chloe was wonderful to photograph.  Another example of what happens when you let inhibitions fly and get into the role.  Dancers seem to excel at this and Chloe was no exception.  A beautiful session, lovely hair & makeup, and fabulous wardrobe!!  Thank you Chloe for all your efforts.

Some faves.

Posted on Jan 28, 2012
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Meet Brittany & Brandon – class of 2012. It’s not very often we photograph twins in our studio…let alone high school senior twins!  When Brittany & Brandon came to us last July(yes, we are incredibly tardy on our blogging…) I knew this session was going to be a special treat.  This was the first time I photographed a brother and sister at the same time for their senior portrait session.  Brittany took the reigns of course and had all kinds of ideas with wardrobe and location.  Brandon was a great sport and showed us some looks for some very cool images.  Thank you both for a wonderful afternoon, and thank you Brittany for braving the cold water for a great shot.  Some faves.

Posted on Jan 20, 2012
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Meet Alisha – class of 2012.  I love photographing musicians, especially watching them get lost in their instruments.  Alisha was wonderful at this, playing like she was in concert…out in the middle of a field.  Perfect, perfect wardrobe gave an album cover feel to her images and we couldn’t have asked for better light.  Thank you Alisha for completely getting in the role here, you were fantastic!  Here are some faves.

Posted on Dec 30, 2011
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Meet Samantha – class of 2012.  We have been photographing Samantha and her sisters for a few years now, but this time we got to see a little different side of her personality.  Mom and Stephanie(younger sister) came to help out, but it the show was all Samantha’s for sure.  I love it when seniors are uninhibited and completely comfortable as she was.  Most of the time I might as well have been invisible, Samantha seemed to just be in her own world…perfect!  And again, great wardrobe and makeup…made for a great session!  Some faves.

Posted on Nov 30, 2011
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Meet Kayla – class of 2012.  I just love it when seniors bring ideas.  I love it more when mom (Lisa) brings the bicycle and fresh flowers to her daughters session!  This was a special day for sure.  We didn’t talk about this idea at Kayla’s design consultation so this look was a nice surprise and it worked really well.  The light was gorgeous that day and so was Kayla.  We started in the studio with that lovely sparkly top, then it was off to the neighborhood to chase some light.  Thank you Kayla and Lisa for such a great experience, I really had a wonderful time.

Posted on Aug 02, 2011
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Meet Emily.  Just a few more to go on the blog for 2011 seniors, I’ll catch up I promise!

Emily brought quite the wardrobe to her design consultation, and after some thought, I made a rare location suggestion…a cemetery.  I’m not sure I even got the word out of my mouth before she agreed.  We couldn’t have picked a more perfect day.  Gorgeous clouds, and some nice late sunlight really added to the look of this session.  Then of course, Emily.  She nailed the look and the mood.  Very well done!  Some faves.

Posted on Jun 11, 2011
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Meet Isabel.  When we met with her at her design consultation, she brought a wonderful variety of outfits, from soft to edgy to editorial/catalog looks. Every one perfectly planned, we made sure we matched the environment to her look.  Ran into some interesting “onlookers” downtown that gave us a laugh, then it was out to the fields for a softer look.  Thank you Isabel for being so confident in front of the camera, it really showed in these images.  Here are some faves.