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Posted on Apr 19, 2016
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When we first chatted about Kat’s senior portrait session I knew it was going to be special. The looks she brought begged to be shot at the castle and oh yeah, she wanted snow… Well we managed to get both and Kat pulled off the looks wonderfully. Here are some of my favorites.

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Posted on Sep 02, 2015



Fall is coming quick and now is the time to book your family portrait session with Enchanted Images. Late day sessions are going fast and many weekend dates are already booked. Also school is back in session and it’s time for Senior Portraits. Book soon before the weather turns bad!  More information at our senior site HERE.  And of course our regular site HERE.Roseville family photographer

Posted on Aug 08, 2015
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Hey class of 2016! It’s time to book your senior portraits with Enchanted Images. We only photograph a limited number of seniors each year so booking now will guarantee you a spot. Below are this year’s 2016 senior models. Every year we select seniors from various schools to help spread the word. If you know one of them, just ask and they can get you in! Remember, you don’t have to use the school photographer for your senior pictures. If you want something that is uniquely you, give us a call! More information at our senior site HERE.

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Posted on May 25, 2015

Abby’s had quite the variety of looks for her senior pictures. Here are some of my faves.sacramento senior pictures KA5A1966 5 untitled-4834 41 Site Meter44 el dorado hills senior pictures 15 roseville senior pictures untitled-2575 rocklin senior pictures 36 granite bay senior pictures untitled-2781

Posted on Jul 06, 2014

We received this incredibly heartfelt letter from the mother of one of our recent high school senior graduates and just had to share.  Her words describe the gift we have given to her, but really, her letter, her daughter, and their entire experience is the greatest gift–to us.  A great reminder that the senior portrait session is so much more than just pretty pictures.  Thank you Linda for allowing us to share your words.

“I wanted to let you know what Madeline’s session with you did for us. If I can sum it up. . . . It was transformative. . . . It was important. . . . It was a rite of passage. . . . It did for us the favor of seeing Madeline in a new light. . . . All grown up – at the beginning of something grand. Every change of costume showed us something different about her. The train station was everything I could have dreamed of. My girl, at the beginning of her journey, hopeful and timid, but brave. The white flowers and the white dress showed us her softness and vulnerability. And the balloons with the hoop skirt. . . Well, that showed us that there is no one else in the world like her. She is a true thumbprint. Sherlock Holmes meets “Up” – that could only be Madeline. And finally, The Striped Corset. . . she is strong, she is fierce and she is bold. When I showed my sister-in-law that shot of Madeline she literally gasped. In that moment I knew we’d done it and that my daughter was ready to take on the world.

When I told you on the phone that we chose you because we knew you could give us what no one else could, I knew I was right. In one very fun afternoon you managed to capture her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for an unforgettable experience and the enduring memories.




sacramento senior pictures sacramento senior pictures sacramento senior pictures Site Metersacramento senior pictures

Posted on Jun 30, 2014
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Vinyl is killing the mp3 industry…

I’ve made no secret about my recent (re)-infatuation with vinyl records.  Several months ago, I dusted off my 35 year old turntable I bought in Oregon a while back, got it refurbished, and began spinning again.  I either own digitally or have access to almost everything I could ever want to listen to, but I can’t compare the feeling I get when I take the effort to place an LP on the platter and drop the needle.  There is something deliberate about it, calculated and valued.  The analog crackle and pop of the spinning wax conducting through the needle somehow seems incredibly more “real” than pressing play on my mobile device. I get to touch and view the artwork in the size and format that the artists intended.  When I buy an old record, I’m having the same visceral experience someone had 30-60 years ago.  My daughters (and their children) will someday be able to hold these and experience them the same way I did, even when I am gone.

The parallels to my photography business hit me like a ton of bricks.  I love digital technology.  It has allowed me creative opportunities I would have never realized or been able to express.  But as time goes by, I am realizing that despite my greatest digital creations, without a physical representation I “have” nothing.

About two years ago an educator/peer in my industry unexpectedly lost his wife in a tragic accident.  Immediately he searched for her photographs and memories of them as a couple.  She had always been the one in charge of storing/archiving their digital media and he was in a near panic as he could not locate anything.  He feared all those memories were lost.  Fortunately he was able to locate the old hard drives and the data was still intact.  He immediately printed the images and they are still hanging on his wall.

The immediacy of digital/social media can be seductive and I succumb to it constantly. My recent vinyl resurgence has made me once again realize that is not what we(our photography business) are about.  When the cloud quits, when my hard drives fail, when social media shuts down, I will still be able to enjoy my framed prints of my family that adorn our walls.  How will your memories be preserved?
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Posted on Apr 29, 2014
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We are excited to introduce our Class of 2015 senior spokesmodels!  Our spokesmodels this year represent 10 different school in our area.  If you recognize any of them below, be sure to contact them directly for a special offer on your senior portraits.  Senior Portrait season is almost here, and now is the time to call and schedule your session.  For more information and galleries please visit our senior site HERE.  Also be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for to see the most fashion inspired and artistic senior portraits around!granite bay senior pictures rio americano senior pictures rocklin senior pictures rocklin senior pictures rocklin senior pictures untitled-4055-copywood creek high senior pictures del oro senior pictures el camino high senior pictures roseville senior pictures bear river senior pictures oak ridge senior pictures rocklin senior pictures wood creek high senior pictures woodland senior pictures rio americano senior pictures

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Posted on Apr 17, 2014
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We first met the Weygandt family when they were just newlyweds, being photographed with their adorable bulldog for their holiday cards.  We have since had the pleasure of photographing them on multiple occasions as we watched their family grow from just their canine babies to their first-born child, Mr. H.  We documented his arrival, starting with their maternity session and culminating with his 1-year portraits.  He was such an easy newborn to photograph!  As H grew, we learned more about his personality, always very much the observer and not quick to give up his adorable smile.  When he did, however, he just melted our hearts!  Thank you Weygandts for sharing your little man with us!

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Posted on Jan 29, 2014
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We are looking for a select few current juniors(class of 2015) to be Spokesmodels for our studio.  If you are interested (or know of someone who is) please contact us for more information.  With only 100 senior sessions available each year (including Spokesmodels), this is a unique opportunity.  Please visit our senior website HERE for more examples of our work and for session information.  Our Spokesmodel application is available HERE.  Good luck!
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Posted on Nov 04, 2013
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Meet the Black family.  We first met when we photographed Ariahna for her senior portraits a while back (she is standing next to her twin brother).  This time the whole gang came along, and since we didn’t photograph her siblings before, they got a little extra attention 🙂  The day was gorgeous and so was this family.  A very close knit group, they were a pleasure to capture these moments.  Here are some favorites.

roseville family pictures 7L3R5873 copy untitled-6817flat copy IMG_6925flat copy sacramento family photographer rocklin senior photographer rocklin senior portraits IMG_7005flat copy IMG_7021 copy sacramento fashion photographer el dorado hills senior pictures IMG_7150flat copy granite bay senior pictures roseville senior pictures Site MeterIMG_6962flat