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Posted on Aug 19, 2010
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When I spoke with Jennifer initially and she told us she had preemie twins (a boy and a girl) and wanted to do newborn portraits in their home, we were dually excited (no pun intended..:-).  We love to photograph babies on location in their homes, but we don’t get to do it as often as we do in-studio sessions, so this was a welcome treat.  The twins were about 9 weeks old when these photographs were made, and as you can see, brother was just a tad bigger than sister (to say the least!).  James and I felt like we were at Disneyland in the Cox/Sherwood home, as every time we turned a corner there was a great place to photograph!  Jennifer & Kevin were such gracious hosts, and the soft music playing in the background and breeze blowing through the windows set the stage for a wonderful experience for all of us that day.  We decided it was important to try to get a family portrait with their first 2 babies (the dogs), and couldn’t have imagined a better moment than the one shown here.  I could go on and on, but I won’t, as I’m sure you want to get on to looking at these beautiful babies!  Can’t wait for the next session!

Posted on Aug 14, 2010

We knew we were in for a treat when we first met the Lewis family.  Miss P was right around a year old, and this is such a fun age to capture!  Stacey had plenty of great ideas and brought the clothes to match!  For those of you wondering how to put clothing together for a family session, take notes!  They weren’t sure if they wanted to go light or dark, so they did both.  I LOVE the way both looks turned out so classic looking, yet in no way boring or without style.  We had such a great time with the Lewis family, and P was a trooper all the way!  We also learned some very exciting news the day of the session….they’re expecting baby #2!  Congrats to you guys!  On a personal note, James and I are very grateful to Stacey for being one of the people who told us about our new workout obsession, The Dailey Method.  Whenever I’m struggling during the class, I just think about Stacey and her now bigger pregnant belly doing the same things and just grin and bear it!

Posted on Mar 23, 2010

The Rieta family came just in time to display their beautiful new portraits for their little man’s 1st birthday party.  It was a gorgeous day and everyone had a great time; well, almost everyone.  The family’s dog wasn’t super excited about the session, but we managed to sneak a few in with their furry friend anyway.  Little E. was definitely one of the happiest, most content kiddos I’ve ever seen, which is a testament to his great parents, I’m sure.  It was just a great session from top to bottom; thanks to the Rieta family for such a great time!

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Posted on Mar 08, 2010
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These happy newlyweds came to us for some “family portraits” with their baby, Chopper.  Chopper is the cutest bulldog I’ve ever met, and the first one we’ve photographed.  It was so sweet to capture the glow still apparent in the Weygandt’s first year of marriage, but Mr. Chopper definitely competed for their spotlight.  It was an extra treat for us to photograph Scott & Braeden, as they are part of one of our favorite families!
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