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Posted on Nov 18, 2010
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So, I’m sure you have noticed, but our blog-speed hasn’t been stellar lately–our apologies to you wonderful people who visit it regularly!  We’re right in the thick of our busiest time of year, not aided by the fact that James was in New Orleans teaching all last week.  Thus, the lagging blog posts.  Thanks to all of our patient peeps for who’ve been waiting!

Now that I have that off my chest, I would like you to meet the lovely Doss family (this is how behind we are….these images are from their first session a few months ago and they were just here today to see their next set of Bebe images!).  Miss A was a little older than most of our babies at her first Bebe session, but we didn’t mind one little bit.  She was super happy and full of smiles.  I do believe she’s a ballerina in training (see her perfectly pointed toe in the 2nd to last image).  This family was so easy and fun to work with, and we can’t wait for you to see her next set of images (you’ll have to wait a while, clearly…:-).

Posted on Nov 07, 2010

We experienced quite a baby boom over the past several months at the studio, and the Fleming family contributed to that trend.  We also saw another interesting phenomenon–babies being born so early that momma either missed her maternity session altogether or came very close!  Tonya was one of those whose maternity session actually turned into baby Z’s newborn session.  She brought him to us when he was just days old, along with big brother, to capture his tiny sweetness.  Z was such a good boy and gave us the treat of seeing him both asleep and awake, which sometimes for babies that new doesn’t happen (they just sleep!).  We’re looking forward to their next Bebe session to see how much he’s grown.  Meet baby Z:

Posted on Oct 10, 2010

We first met the Beard’s when they were still expecting Baby J (you might recall their maternity images with mama in Tim’s firefighting turnouts–so cute!), and we are happy to call the Beard’s our friends now, too.  It has been such a fun journey to document this special little guy’s first year +, but by far the best part has just been getting to know and spend time with them.  Tim & Melissa decided to carry the firefighter theme throughout their sessions, so some part of Tim’s gear was a part of every session.  I will not lie–we were a little nervous when Tim walked in with his huge axe at the last session, but it turned out to be such a cool part of this image below.  We are so thankful for the trust Tim & Melissa have placed in us to create their portrait art, and love the collaborative efforts they put forth for each and every session.

Posted on Oct 06, 2010

We met the Jenkins family over the summer, thanks to Brad’s dad who graciously gave Brad an Enchanted Images gift certificate for his birthday.  We are so glad he did, because what a lovely family we got to work with!  They brought baby B when he was brand-new, even though all that hair makes him look so grown-up.  Big sis was so sweet and cooperative in getting the important “big sister” images, and as you can see, Baby B pretty much chilled the entire time and let us do whatever we wanted–my favorite kind of newborn session!  We look forward to seeing the Jenkins back for B’s 2nd Bebe session in a few months….dying to know if he’s kept all of that gorgeous hair!

Posted on Sep 19, 2010

First off, sorry for the long gap in between posts here!  James & I were in Portland last week teaching and learning at an amazing conference called After Dark Education.  Thanks for bearing with us as we try to catch up–so hard to leave during the busiest time of year, but it was a great experience and we feel fortunate that we were invited to be a part of it.  Now, on to the fabulous Burton family!  We first met the Burton’s when big brother was just a newborn, and we were thrilled to capture baby sister’s entire first year.  This session was the culmination of their Bebe Collection, as Miss R turned 1.  When the clothing choices started coming out, our heads were spinning!  Chandah brought so many great options!  We were thrilled with the fun black & red combo for the family, and all I can say about the fluffy pink dress with the to-die-for headband is LOVE IT!  This is definitely an example of what to wear for your portrait session!  While we love the whole Burton family, I can’t help but gush about little miss R here and how darn cute she is.  She’s quite the serious baby but it was so sweet that the big smiles we got were when mom was playing with her–she knows who’s stocking her closet with all those cute outfits!
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Posted on Sep 10, 2010

We were thrilled to get to work with the Fore family this summer on 2 separate occasions–for their maternity session and then baby K’s newborn session, which ended up being closer together since he decided to make his entrance over 3 weeks early!  Since the sessions were so close together we decided to do a fun post with images from both.  The maternity session was a blast and we just loved working with them, and we’re always thrilled when there are awesome tattoos to show! 🙂  Fast forward to sweet baby K…he was seriously one of the cutest newborns ever!  I could have just stared at him all day, especially since he didn’t make a peep during his session (another bonus of getting them when they’re brand-new).  We’re looking forward to seeing the Fore family back for their 2 other Bebe sessions over K’s first year….stay tuned!

Posted on Aug 19, 2010
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When I spoke with Jennifer initially and she told us she had preemie twins (a boy and a girl) and wanted to do newborn portraits in their home, we were dually excited (no pun intended..:-).  We love to photograph babies on location in their homes, but we don’t get to do it as often as we do in-studio sessions, so this was a welcome treat.  The twins were about 9 weeks old when these photographs were made, and as you can see, brother was just a tad bigger than sister (to say the least!).  James and I felt like we were at Disneyland in the Cox/Sherwood home, as every time we turned a corner there was a great place to photograph!  Jennifer & Kevin were such gracious hosts, and the soft music playing in the background and breeze blowing through the windows set the stage for a wonderful experience for all of us that day.  We decided it was important to try to get a family portrait with their first 2 babies (the dogs), and couldn’t have imagined a better moment than the one shown here.  I could go on and on, but I won’t, as I’m sure you want to get on to looking at these beautiful babies!  Can’t wait for the next session!

Posted on Jul 27, 2010
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We met little Miss S when she was only 2 weeks old.  Her mommy found out about us from another great client of ours, the Hattendorff family.  Little S snoozed pretty much the entire session, which we loved because then we could do whatever we wanted with her!  I just loved the little “girly” touches mom brought, including her headband and tutu.  Can’t wait to see S back for her 2nd Bebe session….maybe she’ll even be awake for a few! 🙂

Posted on Jun 22, 2010
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Baby D gave us everything we could hope for in a newborn session–asleep and awake moments to capture!  He was such a good baby I don’t think he cried even once during his session, which is a rarity for babies this age.  He was slightly older than some newborns we photograph, as they had to wait for daddy to return from being away on military duties to come for his session.  We’re glad they waited for him, because we just love this family image!  Can’t wait to see them back in a few months for his 2nd Bebe session.  Meet baby D and family:

Posted on May 30, 2010
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It’s a sad thing that I pretty much only see my college roommate, who now lives in Stockton, when she brings her babies for portraits!  Her latest addition to her brood of boys is this redhead little sweetie, Mr. A.  I still can’t get over how different all 3 of her boys look, and if you saw her, you would never in a million years think that this fair redheaded blue-eyed baby could be hers, but alas, he is!  Little A was THE sweetest baby–I could have played with him all day.  Big brothers E and G did a great j ob during their cameo appearance as well.  We are so grateful that the Jewart family comes to see us for portraits, and we wish we saw each other more!  Love you guys!