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Posted on Apr 30, 2013
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It’s that time of year again!  We’re so excited to announce this year’s Mommy & Me Portraits for the Cure charity event.  All of the event specifics are below, but we thought we’d share a few extra details here because we know there are always questions that come up.  First thing to consider–clothing!  We will be using the grey background shown below, so they sky is the limit as far as color options.  Bright, dark, and deep colors look great on this color, but pastels can work, too.  We would suggest avoiding white, as it can appear a bit stark against this darker background.  Since this is a Mommy & Me event, the question often comes up about who can be a part of this portrait; this event is specific to “moms,”  but grandmothers are welcome as well.  The beautiful 5×7 print you will receive  will be available for pickup at our studio on Friday, May 31 from 11am-1pm and Saturday, June 1 from 10am-noon only.  There will also be an option to have your print(s) mailed to you for a small handling fee if you choose.  That’s about it for the details, so we hope to see you on May 19 to help a cause near and dear to our hearts and receive a beautiful portrait at the same time!

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Posted on May 20, 2012

It’s that time again!  We’re thrilled to announce our 4th annual Mommy & Me Portraits for the Cure event.  This is an opportunity for all the moms out there who are often behind the camera to finally get a great portrait of themselves with their kids, all while donating to a wonderful cause.  We will be photographing on the background shown here, so please plan clothing accordingly (the background is lighter with pale pinks and greens).  Our biggest rule of thumb when it comes to clothing choices is to make sure you aren’t mixing lights and darks too much.  We will have prints ready in time for Father’s Day–hint, hint!  Hope to see you there!