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Posted on Jan 02, 2011

Since it’s cold and dreary outside, we thought you all might enjoy a flashback to summer and warmer times.  At the end of summer we joined one of our favorite families in Lake Tahoe for a departure from our typical studio maternity sessions.  We first met the Ferrell’s for Heidi’s last maternity session with baby #3, who is now a darling 2 year old boy.  Fast forward a couple of years and they were back to document baby #4 (2nd girl) before she arrived in September.  We were thrilled at the prospect of a beach maternity session on the shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe.  The best part is that they trekked down hills and across boulders to get to a spot not completely packed with summer vacationers.  The kids thought this was quite an adventure, of course!  We had a wonderful time with them, as we always do, and the things that stand out in my mind the most about this session were Heidi’s willingness to try new things, and their ability as a couple to still connect and focus on each other as if this were their first baby, all while their other 3 children were on the verge of falling off rocks or jumping into the lake.  Meet the fabulous Ferrell’s (again)!