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Posted on Jul 02, 2013
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Meet Caitlin.  A lovely dancer and fabulously graceful in front of the lens.  Here are some faves.


rocklin senior picturesIMG_0822-2 copyIMG_0798-2 copyIMG_0914 copy
IMG_0705 copyIMG_0927 copy IMG_0981 copy IMG_1188 copy

rocklin senior pictures

rocklin senior pictures

rocklin senior pictures

rocklin senior pictures

rocklin senior pictures

rocklin senior pictures

rocklin senior pictures

rocklin senior pictures

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Posted on Jun 25, 2013
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Meet our class of 2014 senior spokesmodels!  Each year we choose a select few incoming seniors to represent our studio to their school/circle of friends.  Class of 2014, NOW is the time to book your senior session.  As we only do a limited number of senior sessions each year, sessions with a special offer are even more rare. The only way to receive your senior session special offer is through one of these spokesmodels.  The earlier you book, the better the offer!  Please give us a call to schedule your complimentary design consultation, as our sessions in August/September are already filling.
rocklin senior picturesSt Albins senior picturesHays_James_003 copyuntitled-9367roseville senior photographerrocklin senior pictures sacramento senior picturesChristian Brothers senior pictures
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sacramento senior portraits rocklin senior picturesroseville senior photographer

Posted on Jun 24, 2013
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Meet Laurel.  During her design consultation, Laurel was pretty specific about the looks she was going for.  She also said she might be shy in front of the camera but if she was, she fooled us all.  Light, soft, and floating were the themes of this shoot and she nailed it on all fronts.  Great job Laurel!

untitled-1712flat copy untitled-1757flat copy untitled-1772flat copy untitled-1808flat copy untitled-1831 copy untitled-1876flatcrop untitled-1916flat copy untitled-1957flat copy untitled-1974flat copy untitled-1989flat copy untitled-2015flat copy untitled-2024flat copy untitled-2074flat copy untitled-2091flat copy untitled-2121flat copy Site Meteruntitled-2145flat copy

Posted on Jun 08, 2013
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Meet Whitney.  Fantastic swimmer, fabulous dresser, and great subject.  Loved the combination of looks!  Here are a few faves.  Good luck at Boise State!

7L3R6611-2 7L3R6714-2 IMG_6753 IMG_6773 IMG_6858 IMG_6899 IMG_6976 IMG_6993 Site MeterIMG_7101

Posted on Jun 01, 2013
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Meet Tiffany.  When Anna(mom) and Tiffany came to their design consultation, I knew they would be game for some lovely fun.  We decided to pair Tiffany’s wonderful wardrobe with images made in our studio and a location.  She was great about changing expressions, everything from whimsical & fragile, to elegant & romantic.  Thank you Tiffany and Anna for the fun day.  Here are some faves.

Untitled_Panorama2IMG_6916 KA5A9120flatIMG_6932 IMG_6972
KA5A9151 KA5A9187KA5A9281
KA5A9247 KA5A9248
KA5A9325 KA5A9339
KA5A9356 KA5A9360 KA5A9376
KA5A9448 KA5A9463 Site MeterKA5A9546

Posted on May 30, 2013
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Linda decided for a downtown look for her senior pictures.  It was a great day and fabulous light was bouncing around everywhere.  Her dresses were lovely!
Untitled_Panorama4flatKA5A7694 KA5A7775KA5A7745-2KA5A7864KA5A7809KA5A7893 KA5A7920 KA5A8008 KA5A8054 KA5A8069 KA5A8121 KA5A8131 KA5A8238-2
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Posted on May 21, 2013
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Meet Shelby.  When we met at her design consultation, Shelby said she wanted a look that was soft and romantic.  We got just that.  She was wonderful at galloping through the tall grass (and stickers) to get that carefree look.  Great job Shelby!  Here are some faves.


enchanted images enchanted images
enchanted imagesstoryboard006enchanted imagesenchanted imagesstoryboard001



enchanted imagesuntitled-8327flat copy enchanted imagesuntitled-8379flat copyuntitled-8368flat copy
untitled-8443flat copy



Posted on Apr 02, 2013
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Meet Kolbie – class of 2013.  A lovely day for senior portraits, Kolbie braved her way through many mosquitos to get these fabulous shots.  Thanks for all the dancing and jumping, you were great!  Here are some faves.

untitled-2843flat copyuntitled-6016flat copyuntitled-6071flat copy untitled-6051 copy
untitled-2853flat copyuntitled-2668 copy untitled-2797flat copy untitled-2824flat copy untitled-2587 copy untitled-2500flat copy Site Meteruntitled-2700flat copy

Posted on Feb 08, 2013
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It’s that time again!  We are looking for a select few energetic fans or our work to represent our studio for class of 2014 high school seniors.  Just fill out the information HERE and we will send you all the information about the benefits of our Spokesmodel program.  We will just have a few Spokesmodels per school so apply soon!

Posted on Nov 24, 2012
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Meet Arianna, class of 2013.  Just a couple of times per year, I photograph senior portrait sessions at Preston Castle in Ione.  The place is just wonderfully dilapidated and a perfect place for a session like this.

I’ve known the Carvalho family for a while and knew that between Stephanie’s (mom) makeup skills and Arianna’s styling, we would be in for an adventure.  I thought doing a bit of a concept would be fun and had some ideas I shared with Arianna. Of course she just ran with them.  Our “story” was the girl who always played dress up and could only imagine herself with wonderful wardrobe/hair & makeup.  Time of course got away from us (it always does) but we all had an incredible experience there.  Thank you Arianna and Stephanie for your efforts (and impromptu wardrobe rack), I had such a great day.  Here are some faves.Site Meter