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Posted on May 30, 2013
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Linda decided for a downtown look for her senior pictures.  It was a great day and fabulous light was bouncing around everywhere.  Her dresses were lovely!
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Posted on Nov 24, 2012
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Meet Arianna, class of 2013.  Just a couple of times per year, I photograph senior portrait sessions at Preston Castle in Ione.  The place is just wonderfully dilapidated and a perfect place for a session like this.

I’ve known the Carvalho family for a while and knew that between Stephanie’s (mom) makeup skills and Arianna’s styling, we would be in for an adventure.  I thought doing a bit of a concept would be fun and had some ideas I shared with Arianna. Of course she just ran with them.  Our “story” was the girl who always played dress up and could only imagine herself with wonderful wardrobe/hair & makeup.  Time of course got away from us (it always does) but we all had an incredible experience there.  Thank you Arianna and Stephanie for your efforts (and impromptu wardrobe rack), I had such a great day.  Here are some faves.Site Meter