Posted on May 22, 2008
Posted in Kids

Photographing the Santos boys was fun for so many reasons; they were the winners of one of our Little Angels giveaways from the drawing at the Silver Spoon boutique (thanks to their Auntie Renee who entered!), and we once again found out what a small town we live in! I (Stefani) went to high school with both their Aunt Renee and their dad, Ryan, who is currently serving our country in Iraq. We understand that dad does have internet access, so we’re hoping that he’ll get the opportunity to see these images of his sweet boys. Baby R was only 4 months old when his dad went overseas, and he’s about 8 months old now. As grateful as we are for the many men & women serving our country, I just have to mention who I now see as the real hero here–their mom, Jamie. I cannot imagine how hard it must be to watch your husband leave to a war-zone, staying home to parent 2 young boys alone and be a kindergarten teacher on top of it. The strength that would take is unimaginable, and I’m so happy for this family that dad is scheduled to come home in mid-June. We hope these images bring a smile to dad’s face until he can see his boys in person!