Posted on Aug 08, 2008
Posted in Relationships

The Posey family has been coming to us since big sis, W, was just a baby. Well, she’s all “grown up” now at the ripe old age of 3 1/2 and showed little brother the ropes. W is and always has been a bit reserved and pensive–much harder to get a smile out of than her brother, T. T on the other hand, wouldn’t stop smiling! He just cracked us up the entire time they were with us; it didn’t matter where we were or what the situation, T was flashing his big grin. Okay, for a slight moment he cried, but that was only after he tumbled off the steps and crashed on his nose! Then it was back to all smiles. I have to give kudos to Tracy for doing such a great job coordinating the family’s clothing; it’s not easy putting together different colors and patterns that don’t all match but still look great together, but she did awesome!