Posted on Feb 01, 2012
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People like the Perry family are the reason we have the best, most blessed job in the world.  We met them several years ago to photograph their young family and have seen them several times since for various things.  When I got the call from Lindsey in October about the family portrait session she wanted to set up, I knew this one would take the cake as far as experiences we are allowed to share with our clients.  She knew by what date she would find out if she was expecting their second child and wanted to use their family portrait session to surprise her husband with the news.  The wheels were set into motion for planning the exact timing, location and wardrobe for the big day.  We did a few family portraits right off the bat and then suggested Ashley change into her second outfit.  While Lindsey changed Ashley, our job was to distract Taylor and get him in the position we wanted him for the big reveal without him getting suspicious.  We had his back to where mom and daughter would walk from.  You can see exactly what happened next here.  James and I were standing quite a bit further back, wiping tears from our own eyes as we watched what was unfolding.  The best part is that big sis had no idea what her shirt said or what was going on; mom just told her it was her “Big Superstar” shirt (they didn’t want to share the news with her just yet since they had literally just found out she was expecting).  They also didn’t want Ashley spreading the news just yet.  So here we are, being given permission to spill the beans–the Perry’s are expecting Baby #2!!  They’re just past the first trimester and wanted to share it with the world.  Congratulations you guys and thanks so much for giving us the unmeasurable privilege of sharing in the very intimate moment with your family. We love you!

  • How exciting!! What joy it must be to be included in such special occasions and announcements! Beautiful!