Posted on Jun 20, 2011
Posted in Kids, Relationships

First off, our apologies for the lack of updates lately–we spent the last week in San Diego with James’ entire family, celebrating his grandmother’s 90th birthday and just generally having fun.  Stay tuned for images from that, as well as more updates about what else has been taking up a good deal of our time lately–moving into the new Enchanted studio (again, stay tuned for images!).

Now that I have that off my chest, on to more important things, like the lovely Perdue family.  We knew photographing this family would be a fun challenge, as they described wanting anything but “typical.”  They showed up fabulously frocked and up for anything; when I say anything, I mean anything.  Their session was on one of the windiest days in recent memory.  Thankfully a little wind and chill didn’t intimidate them!  We ended up down by the train tracks, and found a spot under the bridge that we first went to in an effort to block the wind, but found out it had more merit than just blocking the wind.  Just for fun at the end, we went further down the tracks.  Literally a minute or two after telling them that trains never come by when we’re down there, lo and behold, a train began approaching.  Jackpot!  Our favorite images (and theirs) of the day came as a result of this happy accident.  I should also mention, even though obvious through the images, that miss S was quite the show-stopper.  Thanks to the Perdue family for sticking with us through the cold and wind–it was worth it!  In fact, we loved one of their images so much that it is hanging in the gallery of our new studio…