Posted on Nov 18, 2008
Posted in Relationships

I remember the day I first talked to Tamara on the phone about scheduling a session for her family; she had seen our work at her pediatrician’s office, and then was at the park and a stranger asked her if she had been to Enchanted Images because she thought she had seen her daughter on our website. Well, that stranger was a client of ours and when she found out the Oliveira’s had not beent to us, she proceeded to sing our praises and urged her to check us out (thanks Kimberly!!). We love stories like that. This was also another one of those cases where mom was concerned about getting some good, genuine smiles out of three-year old Miss M…I think it’s pretty safe to say that she loved the camera…so much that when they were here the other day, she asked if she was getting her pictures taken again! I do have to mention that little L was such a trooper…we were all over the place outside and then went in the studio at the very end, and he didn’t seem to mind a bit. The kids were just overall amazing! (mom and dad weren’t too shabby themselves! 🙂