Posted on Mar 04, 2008
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The wind blew us into IKEA for our semi-annual visit. Every now and then I get a hankering to pay homage to my Swedish roots. Sorry Gramps, breakfast at Ikea is about as far as I get.

It never ceases to amaze me how much fun the kids have here. Seriously…it’s ridiculous, you would think we were at Disneyland. Hey wait a minute… maybe I’m on to something. The employees even act like it’s Disneyland.

“Teagan, stop jumping on that bed!”

“It’s quite alright sir, that’s what they are there for”

While in line at breakfast, Miss T somehow knocked over the ENTIRE tray of oatmeal condiments (rasins, brown sugar and milk) sending them crashing to the floor, shards of glass and sugary mess everywhere. I do not exaggerate, their were two employees there before the last piece of glass came to rest. I couldn’t even get an apology out before one of them interrupted me.

“Darn those pesky bowls…they just get in the way don’t they?”

Teagan stood blank faced, somewhere between shock and tears.

“I do that all the time!” said the bright smiling Ikea castmember. “You guys better hurry up and sit down before your food gets cold…we’ll take care of this!”

Fourteen thank-you’s later, I took Stef and the girls to our table. On the way there, I glanced over my shoulder…no mess to be found. The whole thing was cleaned up and a new tray was on the counter…

Ok, maybe this IS Disneyland..

Reminds me of the last scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark!