Posted on May 28, 2008
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The first time my friend Rich and I saw Muse play live, we were both…overwhelmed. It was June of 2004, and they played at Empire, a small club downtown Sacramento. I remember several times throughout the show Rich and I exchanged glances of amazement. We both knew immediately we were seeing something special.

I’ve seen them several times since then(Stef went too!), and they have never failed to impress…no, more than that, they just blow me away!

Well finally the rest of the world can experience what I believe to be the finest live act of the decade…perhaps the finest in my lifetime. “Haarp” is the first official live DVD released in the States and it was definately worth the wait. Recorded playing to a massive crowd at Wembley Stadium, the trio was on their game. I have not seen a better live show than this. Seriously, even the 3D U2 show doesn’t touch it.

If you enjoy rock music whatsoever, you really owe it to yourself to run out and buy the DVD(it even comes with the recording on CD!). I don’t work for the label and this is not a paid placement. It just astounds me that so (relatively) few people I know and run into have not heard of one of the best bands in the history of rock and roll. I just had to share. Hope you enjoy!

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