Posted on May 07, 2010
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Today our “baby” turns 5.  It’s hard not to get sappy and sentimental at times like this.  It’s so cliche to say how time flies and in the blink of an eye babies turn into young ladies, but it’s SO true!  Five years ago today we had no idea who this baby girl would become; what her personality would be like, who she would resemble, and the role she would play in our family.  Well, we have learned much about her in five years.  Our Teagan is so full of life, energy, humor, wit and compassion.  She is the funniest kid I’ve ever met, can be so stubborn, but the next minute melts your heart with love.  We keep asking her why she’s growing up so fast, and her reply is always the same: “Because I want to grow up.”  Slow down, sweet Teagan.  Enjoy each day (and she does!).

Here is her actual birth announcement we sent out; the photograph was taken when she was 3 weeks old.  The images below are very recent.  In fact, the ones outside were taken just a couple of days ago.  She was modeling some dresses for the Silver Spoon, so the session also became her five-year portrait session.  She did a great job but was much more concerned about the little ladybug she found and was holding in her hands most of the time we were out.  The last couple in the hat were some fun outtakes from the mommy & me promo session the girls and I did last month.  As much as I love every one of these images of her for different reasons, James and I both agree that the last one pretty much sums up our little girl.  Happy Birthday Teagan!

  • Happy Birthday Teagan! Hope you had a wonderful birthday party with your friends yesterday and a great day today with your family! Don’t grow up too fast!

  • Happy Birthday Miss T. Great photos. Your personality shines through in them. Love ya, Great Aunt Jean

  • Happy birthday Teagan!!! I love the photos, especially the last one. Hope you had a great day! We love you very much. Love you, Mimi and Papa