Posted on Apr 17, 2009
Posted in Kids

First off, sorry for the lagging blog posts lately…it’s been a crazy couple of weeks! Anyhow, you might remember the fabulous Miss S. from our Cutest Kid contest a bit ago. This lovely little girl just turned 4 in February (yes, she was still 3 when we photographed her!) yet somehow managed to work the camera like a pro! Kudos to mom, by the way, for the amazing clothing she brought. We were all dying throughout her session, in disbelief at how natural and poised she was in front of the camera, and also how well she took direction. She was one of our finalists who modeled on stage at the Sacramento stop of Sandy Puc’ Tots to Teens national tour. She wowed the crowd there just as much as here. I do believe this little diva has a very bright future!