Posted on Dec 05, 2008
Posted in Relationships

Some of the most beautiful moments in life happen when we least expect them.

When I arrived to the McMurtry ranch I was informed that the boys (K&S) may not be particularly interested in having photographs made. They came out the front door (a little sheepishly) and weren’t too sure about me or what I was doing. So I asked them for a tour of the property.

And that’s where the adventure began.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing in the garden, a silly acorn game, checking out the cool tractor, running through bushes, feeding geese and other outdoor fun. K&S warmed up fast and we had a great time.

I also got a unique look into a family that is full of love, and two boys so full of life we should all take a lesson. Thank you Michelle & Lee for sharing so much of yourselves, I received a real treat that day. And thank you Eric and Samantha for introducing us to this wonderful family. Hey Michelle, the girls are ready to come over and play…Stef and I will be there in an hour 🙂

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