Posted on Mar 17, 2011
Posted in Seniors

Round two of our castle senior sessions this time starring Kyla, a ballerina.  I will admit, it did take some coaxing to talk Kyla’s mom into a senior portrait session in a dilapidated castle but when she arrived, she knew we were all in for something special.

It took no coaxing at all however for Kyla to dance and float about room to room (yes including the haunted one) and give a stunning performance in front of the lens.  The light and texture of this place is always incredible and it contrasted fantastically with Kyla’s wardrobe.  We photographed until dark (even a bit later than that) and still didn’t even scratch the surface of this enormous building.

Thank you Kyla for your gracefulness and your fearless attitude, it was another magical day for me.

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