Posted on Feb 15, 2008
Posted in Relationships

Pamela Huggins, we hope you’re in the mood for some sushi, because you’re the grand prize winner of our home gallery contest!!! Thanks to all of the amazing entries we received; this was a very difficult decision and we were overwhelmed by what we saw…how humbling to see our work so tastefully and thoughtfully displayed in your homes. While choosing the winner wasn’t easy, we finally agreed on this entry for the overall design of the wall. We just loved how Pamela ingtegraed her own touches within and around the wall collection. We couldn’t think of a better description of her amazing kids than the plaque situated in the middle of her portraits simply reading “Blessed.” Way to go Pamela and watch out for that $50 Mikuni giftcard in your mailbox! Thanks again to all of those who particpated!